EZ-Groomer Pet Comb

EZ-Groomer Pet Comb Now Available in Canada

It doesn't look like much, but it works!

The EZ-Groomer Pet Comb, the revolutionary new pet grooming comb that uses a unique tooth design to gather undercoat fur is now available in Canada. This very durable pet comb is without equal in effectiveness and ease of use. Furthermore, we offer a full, money-back guarantee on the EZ-Groomer Pet Comb. Try it and you will be amazed at the results and how much your pet enjoys the massaging action.

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How the EZ-Groomer Pet Comb Design was Discovered

The EZ-Groomer Pet Comb is the invention of Ken Ticehurst who stumbled upon it one day while fishing for steelhead salmon. Walking along, he noticed that the river bank was littered with the jaw bones of chum salmon that had spawned a few months earlier. He put some of the teeth in his vest pocket and took them home. Months later, he took one of the larger curved teeth and dragged it through his pet's coat, just to scratch his back. He was astonished at how well it removed his pet's loose undercoat fur. From that point onward, he felt compelled to make a grooming tool utilizing this tooth design. The EZ-Groomer Pet Comb design is a classic example of using nature as a model for structures and tools.

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Which EZ-Groomer Pet Comb is Best for Your Pet?

Available as 5-Tooth and 7-Tooth Combs:  If your pet is quite matted, it may be best to use the 5-tooth comb first to loosen the matts and then the 7-tooth comb to remove. Otherwise, the following suggestions are made for each comb.

7-Tooth EZ-Groomer Pet Comb:  The 7-tooth grooming comb works very well on short and long-haired cats, and dogs with short to medium-length coats such as: German Shepherd - Terrier - Spaniels - Pekinese - Corgis - Shelties - Pomeranians - Setters - Rottweilers - Etc

5-Tooth EZ-Groomer Pet Comb:  The 5-tooth grooming comb is great for getting out mats and also works exceptionally well on densely-furred dogs such as: English Sheepdog - Samoyed - Great Pyrenees - Newfoundlanders - Norwegian Elkhounds - Huskies - Etc

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Reactions to the EZ-Groomer Pet Comb

We have received very good feedback from pet owners, professional groomers and veterinarians who have tried the salmon-toothed comb on a variety of pets. Of course, many friends have tried the EZ-Groomer Pet Comb as well and without exception they have come back to ask for more for their friends, often stating how remarkably well the tool works. They also say how much their pets love being groomed with it.

Another great attribute of this pet grooming tool is that it is clearly an amazing massaging tool as well. Pets seem to revel in the grooming process. In fact, this undercoat comb has elicited a very strong response from both pet owners and their pets ~ it has obviously been a unique experience for both.

Now Available in Canada

Order Online - Shipped Quickly: Order the EZ-Groomer Pet Comb through our secure Online Store and it will be shipped to you in Canada, typically arriving within a week or two.

Become an Affiliate: Our affiliate program is now open to residents of Canada. We provide our EZ-Groomer Pet Comb affiliates with a 10% commission on all sales they generate using our affiliate network tools. Leads you generate will have 30 days to complete their purchase for you to get credit for the sale.

Wholesale Inquiries: We offer a wholesale discount on bulk orders over 100 combs and the program is now available to residents of Canada. Complete the wholesale inquiry form if you're interested in becoming a wholesaler.

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